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SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2024 (Postponed until 2025)

10 am- 4pm
Downtown St. Francisville
Parker Park


This is a marvelous opportunity to save our history as well as participate in our future! Our collaborative efforts with the West Feliciana Parish Historical Society and Museum, provides the level of exposure we need to raise funds to restore an important part of our history.

What Is Your Story?
Where legacy and legend starts

Your story might be the resisting hero, a memoir of loss and redemption or inspiration. Design a creative presentation to show and bring a family member to tell the story. Showcase your history through family pictures, clothing and trinkets and artifacts. All it takes is you and their story! Explore this site for ideas and tips. 

Built in 1883

Benevolent societies played an important role in African American communities following the Civil War. Originally formed to cover the expenses of medical care and burial, they also provided union and fellowship, especially to the sick and weak. Use of the building ceased in December 2016, due to needed repairs to the foundation and exterior.


Help us to allow the next generation to connect to their roots, heritage and culture – a generation who envisions itself as part of the story of the African American people in West Feliciana Parish.  


Your participation in TELL THE STORY  brings awareness. Your donations to the building fund provides restoration.

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