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Presentations should  touch on a least one of the central concepts of your culture:

  1. A memory from history of something (event) or someone (family member or other),

  2. Your family values

  3. A connection to your history, language, food, creativity, contribution or life cycle

Types of Presentations

A written presentation  

  • Newspaper articles

  • Family roots album that is decorated and designed with pictures and documents

  • Family story comics

  • A mail box of letters that tells about the family or some major event

A creative presentation (using posters, props, or something built/made)

  • A family game

  • A family drawing

  • A family tree

  • A family sculpture or item (clothing, shoes, gloves, hat, tools, items from military service, etc.)

  • A meaningful decorated presentation that tells a story (music, religion, etc.)

  • A family food (with recipe)

A media presentation

  • A family blog

  • Creating a digital album, movie, music clip (with words)

A narrative presentation

  • A family member who can recall stories and enjoys telling them

  • A choir/solo performance

Above all Get Excited!

The memory of our ancestors is a blessing to us. Get excited! Be passionate! Tell the Story!

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